Hi.  How are you doing?

That's a creative idea on your part.  I am not sure that device is even
quite selling yet.  I don't know the answer, because I haven't dived into
the whole digital assistant world yet, among other reasons.  I suggest you
call Amazon Disability Support line, (888) 283-1678.  They should know, or
be able to find out.

Can you imagine?  On Tuesday, I'm leaving for a week to sing in the
first-ever European Baha'i Choral Festival at the Baha'i House of Worship in
germany.  With my voice, even!  I've been practicing the music for 30 to 90
minutes almost all days, and the voice is getting a little better.  One
thing I like about this house is that it is long, and I can go in the garage
and sing and nobody can really hear me at all.

Hope  business and all are going well.


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I'm Audrey Joy in NYC.

I have a friend who is housebound, doesn't read braille or type; I feel the
Alexa Show would be perfect for him if it would read his emails. (He's
currently using "Internet Speech" over the phone). 

My friend is from India and he listens to Indian movies and music via his
cable network "Tv Asia." Will he be able to access his Indian movies and
music through the Alexa Show? I know it provides YouTube videos and music.

Thank you for any help you provide.

Have a nice day.


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