Here's something I've noticed with the Samsung Galaxy S8, the Samsung Connections manager, this App may be available in the S7, I'm not sure.

Anyway the point of the Manager is to manage all your connected devices to the phone in a single place, everything from Bluetooth paired keyboards and speakers to DLNA devices such as servers, speakers and so on.

So what use is the Connection manager? Let's take a pretty basic example.

When you first launch the manager you're prompted to "Add A Device, Double-tapping the "Add Device" iCon brings up a list of devices the phone finds on your network or already connected Bluetooth devices, select the Devices you wish to add.

From there you can go back to the "My Devices screen and see your added Devices, select them etc.

Now suppose you have a pair of DLNA compatible speakers and you've added them, double-tapping your speakers from the My Devices screen brings up several optiosn and these options depend on the device you've added, - in this case only one option may be visible that being "Audio" as its a pari of speakers we've connected to -.

Double-Tapping this coice brings up a list of audio Apps such as the Samsung Music Player, for my S8 I had to install this App as an addition but that only took several seconds.

So the Music App then launches and there you are! the music on your phone ready to play and manipulate with the audio coming out of your connected speakers.

This approach is certainly a different one to what I was used to when using my Galaxy S6 but its a nice touch and certainly more useable and flexible.


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