The Sony Xperia phone is the first I've used that has an independent answering machine App, by independent I mean independent of a Voicemail service.

The App seems quite accessible and easy enough to set up, just record your greeting, set the time for the answering machine to activate on an imcoming call and that's it.

There are several ways to play back messages left on the answering machine, the easiest way is to go into the Call Log and double-tap the answering machine message iCon next to the entry.

The other method involves going into the Answering Machine App found under settings/Calls/Xperia Answering Machine., play the message you wish to hear by double-tapping on it, audio can be heard either through the earpiece - default - or through the stereo speakers, - headphones will also work when connected -.

To delete a message double-tap and hold that message to select it, the phone then goes into "Select Mode", a checkbox is displayed next to each message which can be toggled for selection.

Double-Tap the "Delete" iCon near the top right of the screen and you're done.

I sincerely hope Sony conteinues to develop the Answering Machine App as it has a lot of potential, as is the Answering Machine presents a convenient and accessible alternative to traditional Voicemail services which can be a little tricky sometimes to set up.


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