Dean, without a doubt the very best one on-line is the Blind Mice Mega Mall.

Very rare I find it necessary to donate to a site for the service they freely offer the visually impaired community, but this site deserves our full unbridled financial support.

Just to give you an idea of the great content they provide!

I thoroughly enjoyed the critically acclaimed 2017 film "Get Out" (100% Rotten Tomatoes rating) the other day thanks to this site offering it free in Described audio format. I'm in the mist of checking out all the Star Wars films for the first time in chronological order.

I've also became a huge fan of popular TV shows like The Game of Thrones, Criminal Minds, Homeland and Blue Bloods thanks to this site. They list all past seasons (And new one's once the season has concluded) in DV format. So much nicer to follow these TV series now thanks to important scenes being described. Absolutely fantastic work.

Here's the link:

I implore anyone who has benefited from the DV offerings on this site to please support them by donating a few dollars or buying some merchandise from the various specialty stores they're affiliated with. They definitely deserve it.

So my top 4 sites for DV content:
1. Blind Mice Mega Mall.
2. The Listen Factor.
3. Blindy.TV
4. Movies for the Blind



At 03:35 PM 6/3/2017, you wrote:
Can people inform me, perhaps off list, of sites containing audio-described
movie recordings, or making it possible for individuals to acquire them?


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Came across another gem of a site that features some pretty good
Described Public Domain movies.

They do have an RSS feed listing the latest podcast, so go check it
out and make sure to Bookmark.


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