Hi Gang. Hope you're doing well.

 In need of help to save my computer's life please! I've just
installed Audible Manager and Download Manager on my Windows 7 laptop
(using Jaws 14). I've successfully bought my first book with one of my
free trial credits but, when I clicked the "download" link, Download
Manager didn't open. The "Help" sections of the Audible site had
warned that this might happen, so I quite happily tried to follow the
options which it suggested for downloading books manually with
Internet Explorer. However, either I'm not pressing enter/left mouse
clicking/right mouse clicking on the right download link or something
weird is up, because when I check Download Manager still isn't
opening. I did as the guides suggested and clicked on what I thought
was the "gear icon" and then pressed Ctrl + J to view the Downloads
folder on my local hard drive. However, it quite literally opens the
"Downloads" folder, not the one to which Audible books should be
located, and unsurprisingly the book was nowhere to be seen. I
manually went through Windows Explorer to the folder in question
(C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\Audible\Downloads), and the book
didn't show up there either. I then went back to Internet Explorer and
pressed Enter on the "Options" link. This gave me the option to select
a different default folder, so I used the arrow keys to move to the
relevant folder and pressed enter on "Select Folder", but when I
pressed OK (and then Close) and opened the default folder again, it
was still showing my original C:\Users\Danny\Downloads content. I
tried going back to the options and adding the folder path manually,
at which point it told me that such a folder path didn't exist.

 So, having spent a lot of time confusing myself (and probably all of
you by now as well ... apologies for that), I'm desperate for advice
on how to get this to work. Also, having not used it for many years
due to previous inaccessibility issues, I'm wondering whether I'd be
presented with the same issues if I tried to use Amazon's MP3
downloader (for music purchases and so on) and how I can get around
that problem if it exists there too.

Many thanks in advance for any support and help ... this one really is
testing my sanity.

Take care, Danny

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