The screen reader comes on the fire. When you first get it, it will download a 
better voice than the one that originally starts up. There are instructions how 
to get it going from the get go on Amazon. I don't have the link right here, 
but if somebody doesn't come up with it, I will see if I can find it. Also, 
make sure that once you get your fire up and running, that you make sure the 
software is up-to-date. So you want to check for updates of course. You don't 
really need the iPad mini for this. You just need to have a place to plug the 
Kindle fire stick directly into the TV. That would be an HDMI port available. 
And of course you have to be able to switch to that HDMI port so you can see 
the screen and hear what's going on, including the screenreaer. So really, the 
iPad mini has no role to play here.

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> On Jun 29, 2017, at 5:35 PM, Johnny Angel <> wrote:
> Thanks Mary,
> Yah I just want to be able to access menus and movie category and individual
> movies. So, in addition to my I-pad mini and HTMI cable to connect to my
> dumb TV, I need two other items to get, right? The TV fire stick and the
> Voice View screen reader. And I take it that Amazon sells everything I need?
> I'll check it all out and let you know how things are going.
> Thanks again,
> John Chilelli
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> Hi John,
> Yes, with the fire tv stick, you can access netflix and see categories of
> movies, go through lists etc. When I first got the tv stick, sign in was not
> accessible. Now it is, according to other blind people; since I got sighted
> help for my initial sign in, I haven't had to do that again, so I can
> personally verify it. My set up is wifi. I honestly don't remember how
> difficult it was to do that sign in, because it was several months ago, and
> I've gone through a lot of stuff in my personal life since then. Now the
> fire stick has alexa as well as the voiceview screen reader. I don't use the
> alexa much, but it is there. I also can't speak to Pandora accessibility,
> since I don't use that service.
> But netflix is good, better than on the apple tv, because it is better at
> announcing the category or row of movie listings you are in.
> Mary

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