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I realize this may not be of interest to many so simply delete if you find
it boring.  Hopefully it may be of some interest to someone.


I have recently acquired a new product called the basslet.  What this is is
a very small transmitter which connects to any kind of music player with a
socket to which you can connect [ a pair of headphones or in my case  a
cable connecting my two cochlear implants  to the headphone jack of my


The transmitter then transmits sound to a watch like device  which straps
onto your wrist.  The wrist device then vibrates in frequencies between 128
hz and 10 hz.  It was designed to give people who listen to headphones an
extra bass experience which cheaper headphones cannot provide.

My situation is a bit different though.  With my last cochlear implant I
lost all frequencies below 100 hz which has a profound impact especially
when listening to music.  You effectively lose all lower sounds which makes
it sound if you are listening to a transistor radio or one of these small
and cheap cd players.


I was busy researching intohow to get back some of these lower frequencies
when a friend from the US alerted me to a new device on kickstarter.com
which was the basslet.  This immediately piqued my interest and I thought
that it may be possible to get the lower frequencies back by touch.  However
when  the device finally came on the market I learned to my sorrow that it
it will not be available in SA for a while.  I arranged through someone in
England to buy it for me and it arrived yesterday.


Although my initial impressions are very positive, I need to do some more
experiments to see what the full impact of the device will be.  |What is
important to keep in mind is that this is not sound but vibrations.
However, the vibrations are surprisingly detailed – you can feel the
difference quite clearly between say for example the sound of a bass drum
and a tune played on a bass guitar.


I’m sticking with music that I know in order to be sure of what I’m feeling.


Interestingly a friend of mine tested it yesterday with a pair of stock
apple earbuds and he says the music is actually much fuller using the

Once again my apologies for this long and involved mail.  Please delete if
not interested.






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