I'm using the Olympus 520, also with internal mics. I do my best to sit still when it's in my pocket; and keep my hands off it when it's on the table.

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I have a couple of questions about recording with a digital voice
recorder. I have an older Olympus DM-4 that is still in good
condition. I have an iPhone 7 as well, but can probably not afford a
really good external mic for it.

I recently obtained a very good sound pair of in-ear, wired binaural
mics from Andrea electronics. These mics have great sound quality. The
only issue is that I can't use them while I'm walking anywhere, since
the have to go in my ears. Likewise for recording things like classes,
because it will look as though I'm not paying attention to anything.
Are there any creative solutions to use these mics without necessarily
always having them in my ears?

If not, then I can still use my recorder with its internal microphones
which also sound pretty good. The issue is that the recorder has
intense handling noise, so I can't move the recorder around at all
once it begins recording. I've looked for a carrying case, but all of
them seem to be such that they cover up the controls when the recorder
is inside. I've attempted recording with the recorder in a front shirt
pocket, but then I just get the noise of the cloth rubbing against the
recorder itself.

I'm at a loss at this point. I have very good equipment but am having
trouble getting the results I want because of this.

Any help is appreciated.


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