I found it by going into Winamp Preferences with Ctrl+P, then pressing P
three times for Plug-ins, arrowing twice down to Output, Tabbing twice to
the list of plug-ins. The first one on my list is NullSoft Direct Sound
Output. Tab to and activate the Configure Button.   

This opens a multi-page dialog with five tabs.  The middle one is the Fading
tab.  The fourth press of Tab in that page takes you to a list of five
situations where fading is possible, So arrow to the scenario you want to
change and tab through and alter  the status of check boxes you want to

I hope that gets you there.


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Every time I have installed Winamp, it wants to default to fading in and out

when a file starts, stops, and pause/restart.  I would like to make it start

and stop abruptly.  I think it has to do with a plug-in.  Can anyone explain

what I should do to achieve this action?  Thank you very much.


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