Are Rock Steady and Audio Stocker normalisation plug-ins? I have never used
one of those, though I can understand how they would be useful. I have audio
from many different sources and so the volumes do vary, but because I don't
use such plug-ins, I just adjust the volume as needed, which I think I
actually prefer doing. If you're having problems with your plug-ins, maybe
they aren't playing nice with your audio setup. Are you using Windows 10? If
Winamp itself is corrupt, I usually find that a reinstall solves all issues.
Although it's probably not strictly speaking necessary, you should probably
get the latest build of Winamp (final build?) if you are using Win 10.

I don't know about Windows 7, but in W10 you can adjust volume in the
speaker settings for each individual running application. It sounds like you
already know a lot of this kind of stuff, though, so I'm not sure this will
be any help. Still, go to the speaker icon thing in the system tray and
click the context menu, and you should see a volume panel that may help,
since you can adjust your browser volume independent of JAWS. Since you
mentioned youtube, though, it sounds like maybe the slider on your youtube
volume got turned way down. If you have an account, youtube should
"remember" this and so won't readjust your volume whenever you open a
session and play a new video. I *think* you can adjust the slider control
using JAWS, but to be perfectly honest, I have never even played with it, so
I'm not sure.

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First problem I have with my speaker volume--sorry there are a couple
here--is when I go to youtube and I need to raise the browser's volume--be
it Firefox or Internet Explorer--so I can hear what's playing, Jaws volume
goes up as well. Today I had to raise the browser to 100 because the video
played too softly, and Jaws acted as though I wanted it raised as well and
was just booming. So I wonder if something needs to be tweaked so only the
volumes I specify will go up or down under "speakers, volume control."

The other really annoying thing is that, when playing files in Winamp, there
is an unbelievable difference in volume between files when they start. I
have used both Rock Steady and Audio Stocker for years, but neither helps
this problem. And the contrast is pretty big, not just songs with a little
volume raise or lower. I'm wondering if something is corrupt either in
Winamp or my speaker volume sets or both?


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