Try removing the battery and utting it back in. I've had this happen on 
occasion and removing the battery and putting it back seems to fix the problem. 

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There are three types of resets.

The first, and simplest, is to hold down the Power or On/Off button on the 
stream, with the 
stream off. Hold it down for about fifteen or twenty seconds. This will 
result in the Stream beeping twice, as if it is starting twice. This is 
exactly what it is doing. The second time it starts, it will have reset.

The second way to reset the Stream is, with the stream off, hold down the 
Bookmark key, the number five key, and with these two buttons held down, 
press and hold the On/Off or Power button on the Stream until the Stream 
comes on. This is called a Profile Reset. This will result in the loss of 
all bookmarks in any books you are reading.

The third type of reset is the most drastic. It is called a Factory reset, 
and will result in all keys for BARD, Learning Ally, etc. being removed from 
your Stream. In this reset, with the Stream off, press and hold down the 
number two, six and eight keys until the stream comes on. The Stream will 
come on, and you will have a menu from which to choose. You will press the 
number two key until it says Factory reset. This is the most drastic of the 
three types of resets.

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I have a 2nd gen Victor Reader Stream. This is about 8 months old. It 
will not power on.

Any ideas about resetting the device etc?


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