Hi all.  At the moment I've begun the task of upgrading my Hi-fi system but
I should let you know at this point what my system comprises of.  In truth I
have 2 systems; one upstairs in a double bedroom and one downstairs in my
living room.  The living room system comprises of a pair of piano black B &
W CM9 speakers driven by an Arcam A28 integrated amplifier.  I have three
audio sources; The top of the range blueraye DVD and a custom built PC and
my cable digi box.  The interconnect are high end cables as is the speaker
cable and topped off with an Arcam R-Pac DAC.


The upstairs system comprises of a pair of B & W CM5 stand mount speakers
plus the B & W PV1 Sub Woofer driven by the Arcam Solo Neo.  My sources are
another custom built PC with sound quality the main consideration when
having it constructed.  The Solo Neo is a mini music system comprising of  a
good quality CD player and DAB radio and internet radio in the one box.  And
finally the Arcam R-Pac DAC, just like in the living room.  Again the
interconnects and speaker cables are high quality.

My original intention was to use the upstairs  system as a work horse when
it comes to downloading and uploading files and processing the downloads
etc.  The intention was to use the downstairs for "serious" music listening.
However The quality I have upstairs is equal to the quality downstairs and
I've never used the system downstairs as I spend all my time up here.  The
system downstairs has never really been run in since I got it and in effect
the system downstairs is just filling the living room.


I've decided to have only one system and have decided to have that one
system up here.  I have replaced the Arcam R-Pac DAC with the Chord
Electronics Chordette DAC.  This has made a huge difference to the sound
reproduction in this room up here.  The next step is to upgrade the speakers
and I have a good relationship with my local Hi-Fi dealer.  They have
brought around the updated B & W 705 stand mount speakers and installed
them.  I can audition them for a week or so then I will get a pair of the B
& W 805 stand mount speakers to audition.  Finally I might get a pair of the
B & W 703 floor standing speakers but it might just be that I'll have made
my mind up by that time.


The Speakers I have now are the 705s.  I've had them since Friday afternoon
and have run them 24 hours a day to run them in as they hadn't been fully
run in; they are brand new speakers just out the box.


I am amazed at the quality of sound from those speakers  the 700 series is
the successor to the CM series and the 705s are the equivalent of the CM5s.
However they are by far superior in sound quality.  Imaging is so precise
and the soundstage is so very open.  I at times find myself sitting in my
chare and looking slightly upwards as there is a lot of elevation in the
sound stage it almost gives the impression I'm looking up onto a stage.
Guitars and piano sound very accurate and the sound could be considered
forward of the speakers.  The 3D imagery is amazing as there is so much
depth.  I have a newage track by a guy called Deuter.  This track contains
at various points gentle and delicate chimes and they are very distinctive
and the decay is obvious.  I am impressed with these speakers and look
forward to hearing the 805s and if the 705s are so good, goodness knows what
to expect from the 805s, they are though double the price of the 705s.


Once I've settled on the speakers then I'll change the amplifier.  I have in
mind the Arcam A39 as I like the Arcam/B & W combination.  However nothing
at this point is written in stone so your input would be appreciated.  Has
anybody heard the B & W 805 speakers?  If so; what's your opinion?  Do you
have any suggestions as an alternative to B & W, or Arcam?  I like a
detailed sound with distinctive bass but not over powering.  I don't like a
clinical sound as it feels so sterile.  I also like a forward soundstage.
Many people I know prefer a more recessed sound but I like the forward sound
as it gives the impression  that the musicians are present in the room.  As
I said, nothing is written in stone yet and I've not committed; apart from
the Chordette DAC which I've already purchased.  I will be trading in the
bulk of my stuff for the new and fortunately will get a good price as the
items I have are in new condition.  Your input will be of help and might set
me off on a different path that might be more productive.  Walter.



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