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The way I accomplish this task is by pressing shift-a while the file is 
playing. This stops the file and places the cursor at that place. Then press 
shift-end and that will select to the end of the file. In the new version of 
Audacity, a different command than shift-a is used and you'd have to ask 
somebody who uses that version or consult David Bales's guide on Audacity with 
JAWS. This guide does work when using other screenreaders. Hope this helps. 

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> wrote:
> Hello.
> I am just beginning to learn how to use Audacity to copy some old tape 
> recordings into mp3 format using an NLS C-1 tape player. I have successfully 
> installed the Lame encoder for saving to mp3 format. I'm trying to do 
> something which should be very simple.
> At times, I have a few extra seconds of audio at the end of a track that I 
> want to delete. What I want to do is to select from the cursor position or 
> from where I stopped playback up to the end of the track and delete that 
> selection. I see several options in the Edit menu under Select which seems to 
> be what I want but they never seem to work. I wind up deleting everything or 
> I select audio in the other direction. Could someone please advise.
> Also, I am able to monitor what is on the tape while recording. I'm also 
> trying to monitor the tape prior to recording and this doesn't seem to be 
> happening. I'd welcome any advice. I don't need a lot of handholding as I 
> like to think I'm a quick learner.
> Many thanks.
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