I've lost sound on two streams that I know continue to broadcast. To avoid 
leaving lots of red herrings lying around, here's why this is a mystery to me:
My speakers are working fine.
I get sound on YouTube and other streams.
I've had a sighted friend check one of the streams because the volume control 
is inaccessible with JAWS. She confirms that the sound is set to "loud" and the 
video is playing on the screen.
The other soundless stream played briefly when I switched from IE11 and Firefox 
to Google Chrome. However, when I shut down that window and later returned to 
this stream, I got a message saying my browser wasn't compatible, and that's 
been the case ever since.

I lost the sound on the first stream after I made a mistake with my speakers' 
remote control. It should have done nothing to affect the sound, and all my 
other sound streams and applications weren't affected. However, it did seem 
coincidental that I lost the sound at that moment and couldn't restore it.

I have Windows 7, JAWS 18, and the three browsers I listed.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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