You can post practicly anything you wish, personal or otherwise, and when you 
post something, you can choose the type of license you want to use. For 
example, you can either choose that the files be in the public domain, or if 
you prefer that restrictions be placed on the files, where as telling people 
what they can or can't do with the files. Here's a couple of links of 
information that explain how it all works:
You can find more information as well as check out what the site is like by 
going to: 
Good luck and hope this is helpful.

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so could you post music to archive like mp3s of tyour personal 
collection or is this alla  a public site?

I have never ehard of posting stuff on

On 10/12/2017 3:17 PM, Mike Bernard via Pc-audio wrote:
> Hi Jessie,
> Have you tried You can hoste any type of file there, including 
> audio, video, Etc, and it doesn't cost anything. In fact, they have an 
> indefinite amount of disk space, so there's no need to worry about filesize.
> Again, you can visit them at
> Hth
> Mike
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> Hello,
> I have a blog and I used to be able to imbed a audio player 
> using a short code and a dropbox public link but those were discontinued as 
> of this September. Another viable option is soundcloud but we can’t find any 
> information regarding current plans and unfortunately we have no money to put 
> into this project so was wondering if there was a free way to do this. Thanks,
> Jesse Tregarthen
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