Does Exact Audio Copy access a database so it can fill in CD title and track info? Winamp used to be really good at that with Gracenotes.

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CDex and Exact Audio Copy (free) are two great examples of what it is that you are looking for (links below).

CDex | Free CD to MP3 converter, ripper, FLAC, M4A, WMA, OGG, CD extractor:

CDex 1.77 Portable released | CDex:

ExactAudioCopy (EAC) is a great piece of software that really gives the user many options about the specifications of whatever it is that's being ripped. Exact Audio Copy is freeware, free for non-commercial use[4] and highly popular among audiophiles for its high accuracy and ability to rip severely damaged audio CD's.

Exact Audio Copy download page:

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Does anyone know a good accessible CD ripping program for use with JFW
or NVDA under W        windows10.  Any information would be appreciated.


Dave Marthouse

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