Where did you see it and what is its name? Available where?
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How accessible is it?
I guess if you’re lucky with it it must be very accessible.
By the way i saw a nice little recording device which was just a microphone with 2 or three buttons on.
Also a built in headphone jack and a slot for an micro sd card.
The price was to high but it seemed to do its job very nice.

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Well I guess at different times in our lives we all "Get Lucky" and such a time happened to me a few weeks ago.

I managed to purchase - in good condition - a Sony PCM-D50 digital audio recorder.

These recorders are at the low end of the professional recorder ranger from Sony and yet they do an excellent job, note the test I did with the recorder with a sample from the W9 speaker system.

I managed to find a review of the recorder which was originally distributed via the Blind Cool Tech website.

So what's the fuss? Listen here https://www.dropbox.com/s/l9v97jx1hjmivgb/bct1167SonyPCMD50RecorderReview.mp3?dl=0


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