The whole point of these digital recorders is to “Record” audio and then use 
with a computer afterwards if necessary for editing, organisation, tweaking of 
Audio characteristics and so on.
All the recorders I have - Zoom H1, Sony PCM-d50 and Olympus DM4 - have 
capabilities to create new files on the fly or mark positions within the file 
at the push of a button.
As far as I know the PCM-d50 is the only recorder I own with the “Pre-Record 
Buffer” which is dead handy when you’re making live recordings, never miss a 
Good luck if you can find a Sony PCM-d50 <smile>. And if you do find one then 
you’ve certainly struck gold!

“For the gardener nothing is more handier than bulbs, I mean the 1’s you put in 
the ground and not the electric light 1’s.”

> On 9 Nov 2017, at 11:49 pm, Fanus <> wrote:
> Hello Dane & list
> Does one get an accessible digital recorder with editing capabilities. A 
> friend of mine is a member of a choir. The choir master records the songs for 
> her but everytime she makes a mistake she must start from scratch resulting 
> in the creation of a new file.  They are looking for a recorder which allows 
> for stopping the recording and rewind to just before the error and then 
> resume. Does one get such a recorder? I suppose it could be handy for lawyers 
> and doctors.
> Regards
> Fanus

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