Hi Aiden,
you may well already be aware of the following, but I thought it was worth
The stereo mix input provided by the realtek chip allows you to record the
audio output of the realtek chip. Are you sending any audio to the realtek
speaker output? The usb headset is a different sound device, so any audio
sent to your headphones won't be included in the realtek's stereo mix.

A number of recording programs would allow you to record the output of your
headphones using wasapi loopback.


original message:

Well, I'm not sure what the content I record have to do with this, the
point is when stereo mix is active, it should record what it can here.
I am on a laptop with build in audio realtek and a USB headset. At one
point it did pick up jaws at least but now its dead silent.

On 27/11/2017, Michael Amaro <mikeam...@earthlink.net> wrote:
> are you trying to record off the net?
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> Subject: stereo mix not working on realtech build in soundcard
>> I have a laptop and so whenever I select the stereo mix option I just
>> get silents when recording. All the mute are uncheck and volumes up to
>> 100.

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