Hello again!

We have some last minute reminders and updates, so please read through this
to make the weekend as smooth as possible.

   - *Trailers:* We talked to the yacht club, and instead of putting
   trailers in the aisles between boats, all of the collegiate trailers will
   be put in the main parking lot along the north fence (if you're looking at
   the yacht club from the parking lot, it's the side of the parking lot to
   the far left).
   - *Rotating Sunday:* We will most likely have to beach our boats in
   order to rotate on Sunday. If you are worried about your boat being
   beached, feel free to dock briefly to switch, but keep time and the number
   of boats on the dock to a minimum.
   - *Updated course chart:* Because there will be a single fleet this
   weekend, there is no need for a separate downwind finish pin. The start
   line will also be the downwind finish line. See attached course sheet.
   - *NO PETS!* The yacht club will not be allowing pets inside the gates
   this weekend. As adorable and fluffy as they are, if you bring a pet you
   will not be allowed in, so please leave them at home (this includes pets
   with spectators).

Also remember that we will be having a raffle with some really cool prizes.
We're excited to see you all this weekend!

Robyn, Natalie, and Erika
UC San Diego Sailing

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