Title: St. Mary's Team Race InterConference Summary

Sunday, March 11

A fantastic group of teams, umpires and regatta management peeps were not enough to overcome terrible conditions. Despite a fabulous effort from Eric Reitinger as PRO, we could not complete 80% of the round and the regatta was a non-event. Of course, as soon as the last team went home the southerly filled in perfectly. At least the McDonald Family is able to have a beautiful walk in Historic St. Mary's City. . .

Thanks so much to the tremendous group of umpires!

Christine Accettella Sam Blouin
 Jeff Borland Marissa Golison Pat Healy Marly Isler
 Bryan McDonald Rob Overton, Chump Steve Sparkman Richard Sullivan

Top 5

Visit http://scores.collegesailing.org/s18/st-mary-team-race-interconference/ for full results.

1Hobart & William Sm Statesmen51
2Harvard Crimson51
3Brown Bears42
4George Washington Colonials42
5Connecticut College Camels42
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