Hi WG,

I reviewed this draft and believe it is technically ready to be published.

There are still some nits need to be fixed before publication, thank you.

Best wishes,

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发送时间: 2016年11月23日 1:31
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Dear PCE working group,

This email starts a working group last call for draft-ietf-pce-wson-rwa-ext-05.

Please read the document and reply to the PCE mailing list whether you believe 
this document is ready to be published, or not (including any comments on why 
not).  The last call will end on Tuesday 6 December.

We are also polling for knowledge of any undisclosed IPR that applies to 
draft-ietf-pce-wson-rwa-ext-05, to ensure that IPR has been disclosed in 
compliance with IETF IPR rules (see RFCs 3979, 4879, 3669 and 5378 for more 
details) prior to moving forward.  If you are a document author, please respond 
to this email and indicate whether or not you are aware of any relevant 
undisclosed IPR. The document won't progress without answers from all the 
authors.  No IPR disclosures currently exist against this document.

Many thanks
Jon, Julien and JP

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