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主题: [Teas] FlexE side meeting on Monday 17, at 18.30 - 20.00


On Monday March 27 in Zurich B , there will be a FlexE side meeting from 
18:30-20:00. The meeting will be chaired bt Daniele Ceccarelli and Nic Leyman. 
The initiative for this meeting were taken within the group that works on a 
FlexE Framework document (draft-izh-ccamp- flexe-fwk), and has been sponsored 
by Deborah Brungard and the ccamp working group co-chairs.

The intent is to bring people up to speed on the FlexE technology and try to 
understand what work will be appropriate to do in the IETF.

The agenda will be:

1. FlexE background and origins: Haomian Zheng
2. FlexE Technology Deep Dive:   Iftekhar Hussain
3. FlexE in the IETF:            Mach Chen
4. Open Mic

Each presentation is panned to last 20 min, and the Open Mic 30 min.

/Daniele, Fatai and Loa

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