Hi Julien, all.

> - the draft(s) you want to discuss,


> - the expected presenter name,

Adrian Farrel

> - the requested duration, including question time as part of the slot,

10 minutes

> - the reason why you need face-to-face time as opposed to using the
> mailing list (open 24/7).

Weeell, we don't actually have anything to discuss, but we figure that it is now
four months since there was general support for moving this forward as WG work,
and while we have been working on the text and on implementation, we don't seem
to have got any traction with the WG chairs. So, we would spend our 10 minutes
helping the chairs prioritise thee WG work :-)

Of course, if the WG would like a reminder of what this work is and why it is
important, we would happily deliver that. OTOH, rtfm.


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