This poll has ended, with the result that this document will be adopted by the 
PCE working group.

Authors, once the I-D submission tool has reopened, please resubmit the 
document as draft-ietf-pce-pcep-flowspec-00.

Best regards
Jon and Julien

From: Jonathan Hardwick []
Sent: 20 February 2018 13:34
Subject: WG adoption poll for draft-li-pce-pcep-flowspec-03


This is the start of a two week poll on making draft-li-pce-pcep-flowspec-03 a 
PCE working group document.

Please review the draft and send an email to the list indicating "yes/support" 
or "no/do not support".  If indicating no, please state your reasons.  If yes, 
please also feel free to provide comments you'd like to see addressed once the 
document is a WG document.

The poll ends on Tuesday, March 6.

Many thanks,

Jon and Julien

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