Hi All -

in the 1980's I did a fair bit of collecting in Panamint Valley and Saline 
Valley (essentially a canyon over from Death Valley), and I'm setting up to do 
another trip there, planned for early April.  I've discovered that when the 
Death Valley park was enlarged, Panamint and Saline were included and now are 
off-limits to collecting without a permit.

I've telephoned the Death Valley park folks to learn more, and hopefully will 
hear back next week.

Two questions for the group: 

1. Does anyone regularly go collecting in that area, and if so, do you use a 
permit to collect in the park or do you collect in areas just outside the park 
(e.g., from route 190 that crosses Panamint, one could turn south a mile and be 
outside the park boundary)

2. Are there any recommended areas for collecting that people particularly 
like?  For example, I know where one can find Omus (Cicindela) beetles on 
Grapevine road that - so that was an interesting place to collect, only now 
that's inside the park.  Any other areas of special interest?

thanks much.

- rob macfarlane

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