On Thu, 5 Apr 2018, Daniel Richard G. wrote:

> I have been building and testing PCRE2 on Windows, using somewhat older
> versions of Visual Studio (required by my employer for customer-system
> compatibility). I have found a few issues and have attached a patch
> (against r929) for a couple of them.


Thanks for posting these patches. I will look at them in detail in due 
course, but not for a while (I'm doing other stuff). There won't be a 
new PCRE2 release for several months at least, so there is no hurry. As 
you probably know, I am not a Windows user, so all I can do is look at 
the code from a Linux/Unix point of view.

Perhaps Zoltán will find time to look at the JIT issue; I don't 
understand that code either. :-)


Philip Hazel
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