On Fri, 10 Aug 2018, Daniel Richard G. wrote:

> This is usually addressed with __attribute__((unused)) for GCC/Clang.

But I don't want to rely on people using GCC/Clang.

> Three copies of the same function... I don't know...

Previously, there was a copy of the function for *every* library module.
In early PCRE1 days there were only one or two. Now there would be
around 30 copies! What I have just done gives each library (8-bit,
16-bit, 32-bit) its own single copy, and pcre2test and pcre2grep also
each have a copy. In each of the latter two programs, there is only one
call to memmove(). In pcre2test, since it "knows" about the libraries, I
could have juggled things to make use of an internal library copy, but
pcre2grep is a clean PCRE2 application, so can't do that. It could be
re-jigged to do the one job inline, but having the function available
means it will all work if memmove() is used somewhere else in pcre2grep
in the future - I certainly expect to have memmove() when I'm coding.


Philip Hazel

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