ORIGINAL QUESTION: In html, if you want to get an ordered list
(1, 2, 3, etc), you use the <OL><LI>...</OL> tags. Is there a
way of getting an ordered list in reverse (10, 9, 8, etc)
using similar tags?

HUGH WRITES: The "Order" in "Ordered list" just means that
sequential numbering is provided. You'd need to re-order the
list by some other means, or perhaps find a Java script to do
this on the fly.

RESPONSE: So, how's it done? The reason I ask is that in the
ordered list, the numbers and paragraphs line up very nicely
with the number list set off from the paragraphs. I'd like to
have that same format with a reverse ordered list. How can
that be done?

PS. Notice what a nut I am; it's 6:15am and I get up just to
look at the email. Who in his right mind is concerned about
ordered lists at 6:15am? ... Harold
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