jit_expr is a clone of the pure data expr/expr~/fexpr~ objects. It
just-in-time compiles its expressions so they should be much more optimized
than the original. If all works as designed, they should use less CPU than
the equivalent vanilla, non-expr, patching and have a significant CPU
advantage over the original expr objects.

This release has no functional difference with the previous 0.1 release,
and there is no update needed for Linux. All this does is support more
versions of Mac OsX. The 0.1 release was built for 10.13.
Thanks go to Marco Matteo Markidis for doing this compilation!

I've put the external, compiled for 64-bit Mac-OS 10.10+, up on deken: in
pd, go to help menu, find externals, search for "jit_expr", click on the
0.1.1 version to install. Unfortunately it shows up below 0.1 in the
current implementation of "find externals" but an update has already been
implemented for that for the future.

Please report any issues here:

I would still love help building Windows and 32-bit Linux versions of the

The source code can be found in the git repo:

-Alex Norman
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