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2) graph on parent (GOP) enable and then immediately disable crashes
patches that haven't been closed prior to disabling GOP (to reproduce,
open new patch->right-click->properties->enable gop->apply->disable
gop->apply->crash). This one may also affect pd vanilla (haven't

Looks good to me.   Is it still present in 0.43?  Submit this to the

Just tested it and yes it is present in 0.43 (pd-gui-rewrite version I
checked out less than a week ago from svn).

patch tracker and assign it to Miller.  Then I can accept it in Pd-
extended. One change, I'd do this patch like this, I think its cleaner:

Index: g_editor.c
--- g_editor.c  (revision 12704)
+++ g_editor.c  (working copy)
@@ -907,13 +907,15 @@
     t_gobj *y;
     t_object *ob;
-    if (x->gl_editor)
+    if (x->gl_editor && x->gl_list) <---------HERE
         for (y = x->gl_list; y; y = y->g_next)
             if (ob = pd_checkobject(&y->g_pd))
                 rtext_free(glist_findrtext(x, ob));
-        editor_free(x->gl_editor, x);
-        x->gl_editor = 0;
+        if (x->gl_editor) {

I think this is superfluous, the code is already checking that in the
previous if statement (see ASCII arrow above). The code in between the
arrow and this if statement TTBOMK does not touch gl_editor. So, my vote
would be to leave the patch as-is.

Stylistically, the format of your patch doesn't fit in with most Pd code, the change I suggest makes the patch fit into the Pd style. They are both functionally the same.

However, please note another more important omission which deals with
the other bug I reported in the follow-up email:

--- g_editor_old.c      2009-10-30 22:13:16.000000000 -0400
+++ g_editor.c  2009-10-31 14:01:29.000000000 -0400
@@ -907,13 +907,18 @@ void canvas_destroy_editor(t_glist *x)
    t_gobj *y;
    t_object *ob;
+       glist_noselect(x);
    if (x->gl_editor)

It appears if noselect is not called prior to running the rest of the
code, it crashes in deselect part. This simply deselects selected
objects when disabling GOP. To reproduce this problem do the following:

New patcher->create [pd something]->inside new patcher create any object
(e.g. symbol) *and leave the object selected*->right-click on
canvas->properties->enable gop->apply->disable gop->apply->crash

+            editor_free(x->gl_editor, x);
+            x->gl_editor = 0;
+        }

Obviously I would also remove the last line if you agree to remove the
"if" statement in question.

I don't really know the ramifications of this patch, hence submitting it to the patch tracker. But fixing crasher bugs is always good.


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