sorry if this is obvious but I'm looking into pd source for the 1st
time today...

I'm trying to get recentfiles written to ~/.pdsettings and I think I'm
missing something obvious.
(see my patch attached or here: http://pastebin.com/3apUXLzs ).

so far I can read from .pdsettings and get the recentfiles in the File
menu (when I wrote them in theremanually)
but, in s_files.c/glob_savepreferences():

char *pathelem = namelist_get(recentfiles_list, i)

does not make it.
I think that I don't really understand the way pd and the gui
communicate with each other.
IIUC, recentfiles_list is updated when a file is opened (in
tcl/wheredoesthisgo.tcl) but how come in glob_savepreferences()
sys_searchpath and other globals are "found" if recentfiles_list is
not ?

also, maybe having recentfiles written to another file than
.pdsettings would be easier (like it seems to be the case on osx by
looking at the code but I'm not sure) but another dot file just for
this would be ugly IMHO

thanks for your advices or for pointing me to other threads where this
is discussed (couldn't find any).


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