On 02/23/2018 05:26 PM, Alex wrote:
> Pierre,
> That is really helpful! So, do we not know the vector size until the *_dsp
> method then? There is EXTERN int sys_getblksize(void); in m_pd.h, it would
> probably be useful if we added comments indicating the usage of that if it

:-) +1

> isn't giving us the block size that we should expect in _perform

well, sys_getblksize() will have a hard time with [block~ 1024], no?

> Another thing I wasn't sure about is if you need to explicitly free symbols
> after you gensym if they're being used for variables etc [like to get a
> "value"]. would be nice to add into the header docs.
> Maybe these questions are answered "how to make an external" doc but I
> didn't see it.
> It could be useful to create an updated doc.

i accept pull requests



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