Is there a way to get Pd to use multiple sound cards on XP? I've had no
problem doing this in Linux, but in XP on both Pd vanilla 0.42-4and
Pd-extended 0.40.3-extended-20080721, trying to configure MMIO with multiple
cards is giving me:

Terminal Window:

waveInOpen: The specified format is not supported or cannot be translated.
Use the Capabilities function to determine the supported formats.

Pd console:

separate audio device choice not supported\; using sequential devices.

and no input/output on both cards with one configuration.

If I choose ASIO, Pd crashes instantly with this message in the terminal
Failed to open () = 0DEV not openDEV not openDeviceIoControl STOP_ISO_STREAM
plete, success = 0
DEV not openDEV not open

I have ASIO4ALL installed and did seem to have good luck with that in the
past on another machine...

I'd like to have multiple Griffin iMics plugged into an XP machine and all
accessible with one instance of Pd.

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