Hi all,

First post to the list, very new to pd, hello to all. I have a few questions:

1) Is pdpedia a serious project? It seems like there was a lot of
activity some time ago, but the people there got burned out and now is
a target for spammers (particularly the "myobject" and "help patch"
pages). I have done some updating of it but if noone else is doing
anything to it then maybe I should be looking for other pd resources.

2) I had a look at pd-tutorial.com and tried to do their exercise on
random number generation such that no two sequential numbers are
I came up with the attached file, which I feel is better than the
original solution. What do you think? Are there advantages to the
original which I haven't considered?

3) Someone mentioned on the list a [pack 0 0 0 0 0] idiom for building
large trees of maths in order to avoid weaving many [t b f] objects to
cold inlets. How does this idiom work?



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