2009/3/31 Georg Holzmann <g...@mur.at>:
> Hallo!
>>> afaik, pdpedia is poorly maintained at the moment. I think there will be
>>> a better solution in the future to get rid of spam and optimize searching
>>> and contributions. for now, your observation of burnout seems correct.
>>> marius.
>> I think pdpedia has a lot of potential, but it needs someone to take
>> ownership of it.  Its really open to anyone who wants to take it on.  It is
>> useful now for searching based on keywords.  I use it to find objects based
>> on key words.

I quite agree, and I have written for some articles to make them more
useful (FIR~, multiplex~, and tabwrite) but I feel lonely doing so.
I'm the only user to have made any changes to pdpedia content in the
last 30 days; there has been some spamfighting by Hans and lots of
spam from anonymous IPs but if noone else is updating the actual
content I don't see why I am doing it.

> Silly question: but why don't you just use captchas did get rid of all these
> massive spam attacks ?
> (However, I don't know if this is difficult to install on this system -
> otherwise maybe have to use user accounts ...)

http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:SpamBlacklist is something
that could be considered. It prevents any edit to a page which inserts
a URL matching a list of regexes.


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