The Interactive Media course in UL is pretty good as far as I can see. I did a lot of interviews for the students last year and put some footage up of their projects if you would like to see them...

Of course your own final project could be focused on whatever you wanted but the above are just some basic examples of what other students have done. Also excuse the terrible site, it is very outdated...(ironic for a computer science department to have an outdated site eh?)


On 7 Apr 2009, at 13:19, Adityo Pratomo wrote:

Hi there everyone.

I want to ask, can anybody give me information about universities that give a master degree in new media arts, probably those that similar with MIT Media Lab. I've just graduated with a bachelor degree in electrical engineering, and in my final assignment, I create some kind of installation using Arduino and Pd. After that, I feel very eager to continue studying about this new media art field. So can anybody tell me where should i go? Any information will be appreciated.

Thank you very much everybody!


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