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Yes, there is some absurdity to this conversation. I guess Frank and I
have been doing this for so long, its just part of a game we play ;-)

Anyway, I could give the instructions in one step:

1. use Pd-extended ;-)

But that's exactly what I mean: "mapping" IMO has become promotion material for pd-extended, but increasingly hard to use for users of newer Pd versions or
alternative distributions.

I don't think many newbies really want to get into the nitty-gritty of hand-built Pd installs, but this conversation did make me smooth out the installation process. Before, the 10 steps were for creating a library from scratch. I think its pretty simple considering. Now, the libraries
are pre-built in SVN, so you only need to:

1. cd /path/to/your/extra (or wherever you want to install stuff)
2. svn co 
3. svn co 
4. pd -lib libdir -lib purepd -lib mapping

You cheat a bit here: "svn co whereverlibdiris; make libdir", and I don't know, if help-files in mapping work then - with just your sets they won't. And you still have the requirement of putting the directories mapping and purepd into a directory in the pd path like "extra", so it's still four paths to set, just
like I wrote in my first mail.

How about checking whether help files work before reporting the problem? You only need to install libdir once. Plus if you use the latest version of libdir, then 'extra' can be any folder in the path. I suggest one of these:




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