hi all.

i was wondering what the status of "embedded preferences" (that is: using a local preference file that is attached with a certain Pd-application rather than the global preferences valid for all Pd's on the system) for all platforms and the various tastes of Pd was.

i know that you can embed a preference file in an osx-bundle in Pd-extended (at least since 0.40), and iirc this embedding has been accepted into Pd-vanilla as well (since version ?)

i seem to remember that a similar mechanism exists on linux.

i cannot remember anything about w32 (which might be more complicated, given that with w32 we are using the registry rather than a file that ships with Pd)

so my question is:
- is embedding preferences supported on all platforms?
- is embedding preferences supported on both Pd-vanilla and Pd-extended?
- what is the minimum version of Pd i need to acquire the usufruct (with regard to taste)


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