sorry, i meant wiki as a shorthand for software revision control, so 
that there is a trace history of edits and the database can be 
exported at a given revision.

interesting ideas however, i admit i'm not completely familiar with 
the JSON format, but i do understand the basis behind this request. 
definitely something to think about.


On Friday 10 April 2009 05:56:54 glerm soares wrote:
> 2009/4/9 dmotd <>
> > what i am interested in developing is a wiki that
> > incorporates the pd patcher paradigm, so that reference
> > material and examples can be submitted as pd-code.
> This is so far the best solution.
> But why wiki?  I think it should be done in a customized CMS,
> something made with some python parsers and a MVC web framework
> like Django... (Ruby fans will say Ruby on Rails, but you got the
> idea)...
> This could be a good reason to think about a
> "Puredata_abstraction to JSON"parser, that was discussed in other
> thread (DIY GSoC)... Since JSON can be parsed even to a RSS
> format easily... See that? Read new patches docs at the RSS news?
> Than also the string issues could be solved editing .pd
> documentation in text based editors.  And even some web based
> WSIWYG editor that would generate "pd  readable"
> documentation.... :)
> Could be?
> té+
> glerm

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