On 05/11/10 05:22, august wrote:
I'd like to contribute to the puredyne ppa's at launchpad.


I was wondering if someone could help me  get up to speed on how to make
a ppa, maybe with a simple example I can just copy and paste.

1. create a Launchpad account
2. sign the code of conduct
3. create a Launchpad PPA for your own use/testing/etc
4. package the software Debian-style
5. dput it to your own PPA for Launchpad to build
6. join the Puredyne team
7. copy stable versions from your PPA to the Puredyne PPA

The hard part is step 4 - takes some trial-and-error, especially for software that isn't simple to build. A quick way to get examples is add a deb-src line to correspond to the deb line for the Puredyne PPA in your sources.list.d, then "sudo apt-get update && apt-get source pd-foo" to unpack the source deb.




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