> On Fri, 2010-11-05 at 06:22 +0100, august wrote:
> > 
> > Roman, it would also be great if you could add gmerlin to your ppa
> > list.   Is that difficult?  I'd think it wouldn't be too much work if
> > you already have the others (gavl, etc).
> Simply including the sources that are already included in the official
> Ubuntu repositories is easy. But I wouldn't see any point in doing that.

hmm.  maybe I don't understand yet how it all works...

When I install the official gmerlin repo, it overwrites libgavl in
/usr/lib  with a version that is older than that which came from
installing the pd-readanysf package from the puredyne ppa's.   

I also noticed that whoever did the "official" package for ubuntu made
it without gmerlin_encode.  This basically makes the package useless. 

This all seems odd.  I would think there would be 4 packages:  
        libgavl  -> provides base library for audio video frames
        libgmerlin_avdec - provides libs for decoding av
        gmerlin_encode -> provides plugins to gmerlin for encoding 
        gmerlin -> provides a framework for building gui apps, also includes
        many handy applications such as gmerlin_transcoder

> Do you need a more up-to-date version of the gmerlin package? And what

It would be nice (maybe even crucial) to have all the gmerlin packages
in sync -> packaged by the same method, at the same time.  

> for do you need it, just out of curiosity?

the gmerlin package has some of the nicest (and easiest) transcoding
software I have yet used.   I use it a lot.  But, the  official package
is broken as far as I can see, since it doesn't include any of the
encode plugins.   It also has a very handy ogg/vorbis/theora streaming
app that seems to be missing from the official package.   


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