> On 05/11/10 05:22, august wrote:
> >I'd like to contribute to the puredyne ppa's at launchpad.
> Great!
> >I was wondering if someone could help me  get up to speed on how to make
> >a ppa, maybe with a simple example I can just copy and paste.
> 1. create a Launchpad account


> 2. sign the code of conduct

where do you do that?  Launchpad is a labyrinth. I cannot find anything
I am looking for on that site.  Maybe I already did that when I signed

> 3. create a Launchpad PPA for your own use/testing/etc

this is "Register a project", right?   What should the name for pdogg
be in puredyne ppa?   Should it be pd-pdogg? Or, just pd-ogg?

Right now, the source has 4 externals, oggamp~, oggcast~, oggread~,
oggwrite~.     Do they need to be wrapped in a library called pdogg~?
That seems unnecessary.

> 4. package the software Debian-style

I was hoping I could just copy someone's deb package and change a few

> 5. dput it to your own PPA for Launchpad to build

will have to look up what dput is.

> 6. join the Puredyne team

I assume I do that on launchpad.

> 7. copy stable versions from your PPA to the Puredyne PPA
> The hard part is step 4 - takes some trial-and-error, especially for
> software that isn't simple to build.  A quick way to get examples is
> add a deb-src line to correspond to the deb line for the Puredyne
> PPA in your sources.list.d, then "sudo apt-get update && apt-get
> source pd-foo" to unpack the source deb.

thanks....this gets me started already.

On a side note, I also noticed that many of the puredyne ppa's install
externals in /usr/lib/pd/extra/ppa-name/  where ppa-name is directory
named for the external.   But, this makes the external invisible to PD
by default.  A user has to go in and assign a path to pd  by hand to
find it.  Is there any way to get around this?

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