On 01/22/2016 05:30 PM, Samuel Burt wrote:
> Pd list,
> Please, help me out here. I'm in the middle of migrating a massive project
> from Pd-extended to Pd-vanilla+deken.
> My Log is set to level 2, and I keep getting these messages:
> zverbose(2): checking for SSE compatibility
> zverbose(2): using SSE optimization

this definitely comes from zexy.

> They come about 16 lines at a time every 12 seconds. What is this? Is this
> important? Can I get Pd to stop nagging me about it? This makes the console
> difficult to use.

well, zexy is probably too verbose here.
there are a few things though:

- zexy will print those messages when it checks whether it can use SSE
(that's the obvious part) for doing DSP processing. it does this exactly
when the DSP is started.
so you get this every 12 seconds, because you are restarting the DSP
every 12 seconds. try to avoid the restart.

- zexy will emit those messages via Pd's verbose() mechanism, at a level
of "2".
afaict, this means that they will *only* show up if have raised the
verbosity with the "-verbose" flag; for level 2 you need to pass the
flag two times. so somewhere in your startup-flags you have "-verbose
furthermore, verbose(2) means, that you will only see those if you have
set the log-level in the GUI to "4 all" (or something even more
verbose). if you are using "-stderr" to log to the terminal, you are out
of luck.
so to get rid of those messages, lower the "-verbose" level in your
config (resp. startup) and/or lowe rthe log-level in the GUI.

i just tested this and it works with *current* zexy (2.2.5). i don't
know about older versions though (but i don't expect it to be
significantly different.

- finally afaik there's only 2-3 objects in zexy that emit those
messages ([abs~], [sgn~], [absgn~]): [abs~] is now a built-in and [sgn~]
can be build with [expr~].


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