hey, lets say an enourmous patch has been constructed that exceeds the
patchers current processor capacity attainable on one machine.
even if the patch has wrongfully with good intentions anMVC sorta interface
tied into the tcl tk simcomplexity, would a live capable solution to
on one machine run pd with the ui and audio disabled while on another
machine run pd with the gui disabled and audio enabled?
if this did work and the audio did not glitch every time you move the mouse
araound and instead the idea was implemented on one machine
would this clarify that you just need to interrupt the machine at it's
mouse setting vector and increas the mouse in the temporal direction?
or does one only need to read the entire sourcecode of tcl tk to understand
what is going on.com
how is mobmuplat different than say nexus ui for popular ddevices like
android iNoids.
thirdly on each of these ui platforms how are dynamic things like cloning
the ui and spawning the coresponding monstrosity in pd?
maybe this is all we want to be able to tinker with the design in real time
at the most least footprint in the memory and cpu cycle
don buchla blast off memorial jam session

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