thank you all for your efforts and your interest in my little problem. much appreciated !

    Hi Oliver,

    There is a cyclone-v0.2beta3 for Windows available. The error message is
    gone (tested), but there is no thread functionality anymore.

yep ! that did it ! problem gone !

thanks a bunch, fred jan !


i tried your approach as well, thanks for your time to deep-check it. sure enough this also worked ! i don't know what happened in my patch (the line nr. 7 weirdness), since i DIDN'T edit it by hand.

but even then, the third outlet wouldn't output a bang at the succesful reading of a file (which is a feature i much appreciate, for keeping follow-up things in nice order).

but as i already said: with beta3, [coll] works again as it used to :-)

@ alexandre:

will check out purrdata, sound very interesting. but for old patches sake i have to stick with cyclone.

@ marco:

yeah, i did try all possible combinations in coll's creation arguments, threaded and not... no difference.

again, thank you all for contributing !



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