Hi, when I open the properties for [knob] (flatgui) or [mknob] (moonlib) in Pd 
0.47.1, Tcl throws an error when building the color section and stops building 
the rest of the gui. I can still set the other properties and confirm with 
enter (since 'OK' and 'Apply' buttons are not drawn). However, after saving and 
reopening the patch, the knobs are a total mess, especially [mknob] can't be 
used at all. See attached snapshots to get an impression. 

Some questions:
1) Is this only happening on Windows 7? Would anyone test this on other 
platforms and tell if they get a similar behaviour?
2) who is the current maintainer of flatgui and moonlib?
3) would anyone have a look at the Tcl code? Unfortunately, I don't know Tcl 
4) are there any other knob objects I could use in the meantime?

In a perfect world there would be a knob gui included in Pd vanilla ;-)

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