On Sep 12, IOhannes m zmoelnig wrote:
> On 2016-09-12 11:49, Derek Kwan wrote:
> > I use it with this
> > program a2jmidid which is at least in the Ubuntu repos, I think it's
> > supposed to bridge ALSA MIDI and Jack MIDI. Anyways, I then open up a
> > ALSA MIDI channel or two in Pd. I then connect the two graphically via
> > Jack using that nifty qjackctl program.
> ahm, are you sure?
> does the device only have jack midi drivers? (i always thought that jack
> midi builds on top of alsa midi).
> because if the device has alsa midi drivers, you can use the nifty
> qjackctl program to connect the two alsa midi devices directly (the
> "ALSA" tab should really read "ALSA MIDI", and the "MIDI" tab should
> read "JACK MIDI"), without needing a software proxy (a2jmidid)
> fgamsdr
> IOhannes

Oh, haha, so there is an ALSA tab and it works that way. I don't know
why I haven't noticed that before... I guess I figured out my way back
when I first switched to Linux a year and a half ago and it worked so I
didn't look back. Yeah, I suppose labelling the tabs MIDI and ALSA
aren't the most intuitive things in the world, esp since most of the
time you see ALSA you're dealing with soundcards so that tab is easily
skip-over-able. This simplifies things a bit, thanks man!

So to sum up for the list graphically, this better way is:

USB MIDI controller -> qjackctl (Connect -> ALSA tab) -> Pd (ALSA-MIDI)


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