Are you sure your keyboard is ok?

Try another keyboard, if you are on a notebook try disabling the one that's 
built-in and connect an usb one.

It could be a faulty key (probably ALT?).

I occasionally use win10 and never experienced this behavior you report, 
normally I'm on win8.1 and also didn`t.

Mensaje telepatico asistido por maquinas.

From: Pd-list <> on behalf of Liam Goodacre 
Sent: Monday, October 17, 2016 11:55 AM
To: Jonathan Wilkes via Pd-list
Subject: [PD] window close bug

Here's another curious bug that I've just started experiencing (seems like I'm 
having one of those weeks!) Occasionally, the window cross icon on the top 
right seems to go rogue and start acting out another menu command. So every 
time I press it, it will zoom in on the canvas instead of closing the window, 
or create a comment, or (distressingly) save the file. These are the three that 
I've experienced so far. When  it happens, it's consistent, so that every open 
window has the same problem, and I have to force-quit PD (probably I have to 
force quit because the console cross icon has also been affected). I haven't 
spotted a trigger for this behaviour yet, it seems to be random. Has anyone 
ever experienced this? I'm on 0.47.1, Windows 10.

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