Hey all

I would like to use Pd to start and stop several instances of a certain
command. I need to catch the stdout of the commands in Pd, so I can
monitor their status. Also, I want to be able to kill them

I tried to achieve that with [ggee/shell], but there are some

When I launch the command directly in [shell] like this:

[command (

I get the command's stdout on the left outlet of [shell], but I don't
know of a reliable way to send a SIGHUP signal to command.

On the other, I can launch a wrapper script that sends command to the
background and returns its PID:

command & 
echo $!

and in Pd, I do:

[./wrapper.sh (

and the left outlet of [shell] gives me the PID of the command which
allows me to reliably kill that instance later. However, this way
[shell] doesn't output the command's stdout. 

Is there a way to have my cake and eat it, too?


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